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Race Retro Stoneleigh, 14-16 March 2008

A quick run round the show.

Where's the fizz?

On the basis of my visits to the stand, the Monoposto Racing club had a good show. There was a steady traffic of visitors to our stand, whether old friends and competitors, current competitors, potential members, or those wishing to do Spa. However, for the traffic to be good next year, the visitors need to return and I wonder whether they will. Certainly the show differs from Autosport in that you can buy tools, equipment, memorabilia, or, if the funds are unlimited, a car at the auction. And the tea is cheaper and better. However, if a visitor was looking to see something with the wow factor, I don't think he or she would have found it. There wasn't a spectacular feature display, as I don't count a few old Escorts and some GT40 lookalikes as spectacular. It seems as if the organisers have rested on their laurels, and there were signs that some exhibitors of the past had not turned up this year or reduced their presence, which is a pity as this sort of show is needed. If I was a teacher not a beancounter I would say "6/10, must try harder".

Our Centrepiece

Somebody will have to work hard to beat Russ to the Newbridge Trophy for best self prepared car - the 913 is truly as good as new.

The car was a former hillclimber, belonging to Fred Currell who drove quite agressively. Tony Matthews explained how on one occassion at Shelsley Fred put the 913 off at Kennel bend, pushing the fence back so far that the butty wagon beyond the fence suffered a dent. Russ added to the story by explaining that although Fred was completely unhurt and the car was not too badly damaged, he was trapped in it for a while as he was completely surrounded by a hedge. You don't get that sort of incident at Copse!


It's not the done thing to talk about money, but it was noticeable that where prices were mentioned the £30k's were not unusual - see the Pallsier F2 and the Morgan below. Neither would be as quick (nor, I suspect, as much fun) as any of the cars on the Mono stand at between £4k and £12k. As for comparing them with a Mono Dallara at only a little over half the price....


Russ Giles's Reynard 913 c/n30 formed the centrepiece of the Mono stand.

Immaculate and self prepared.

Chairman David Cox and Russ Giles manned the stand with Jonathan Baggott on Friday.

Patrick Huston (seen here with Michael Dale) and Jim Blockley took over on Saturday.

The bar was based around this LaFrance fire engine

Longstone tyres showed Fraser Nash/GN special "Piglet" in mid rebuild.


ERA R1 on the Bonhams stand

Morgan V6 racer. A bit more powerful than either Patrick's old 4/4 or the assistant eds more modern one. £37,843 on the road.

Spax took over VanDiemen's stand as they seem to be undergoing a reorganisation. Ironic that they should show a Reynard SF77

Lola T70 continuation - ie a current replica made by the same company as the original

Same idea, but a Chevron B16. Not sure whether the company is really the same or just the intellectual property rights holder.

Unashamed replica of a Porsche 356 by Tygan. Even badged "Porsche" - brave men.

Replica GT40's were a theme of the show, with a display outside. Gulf colours are almost irresistable.

In my view, you can never beat the straightforward looks of a Brabham. Possibly ex-Mono?

More modern BT30-16 ex Derek Bell.

Ferrari 246 Dino. Patrick saw these in their heyday and says to make the paint more authentic, it should have been applied with a creosote brush.

Ferrari 250 Testarossa, or "redhead". Don't shout "Oi, Ginger" at the owner.

1908 Panhard Levassor GP

Stanguellini Formula Junior and Martin 500, both historic formulae whose renaissance was nurtured in the Monoposto Club.

Unusual coil sprung Dastle 500 on 750MC stand.

Former Mono 1200 racers Ewan Cameron and brother Dave were on duty on Ewan's Cameron Engineering stand. Ewan makes replica V-twin JAP engines for Morgans, bikes ("Norton Superior" seen here) and cars (eg Djinn hillclimber on the stand)


V-twin with Mono pix in the background.


March 712M Formula 2.

Aston Martin.

1913 Ford Model T based racer "Golden Ford T". "You did say 40cm ground clearance didn't you?"

Patrick Morgan's Dawn Treader Engineering showed the ex Senna Lotus 98T 04. Morgan is the son of the late Paul Morgan of Ilmor fame.


Williams FW08 and mural.


Powertorque showed Ford engines. V8 surprisingly compact but often disappoints in race cars and some road cars.

AC Ace's glorious pure lines on Octane stand became the basis for the muscular Cobra.

Lifeline MD Jim Morris's Ralt RT30 VW hillclimb car - easily convertible for Mono Classic

Ferrrari Daytona rally car.

No idea, but looks cute. Lea Francis perhaps?

Motor Sport, with editor Damien Smith present to talk to readers, showed this Chevron B38 F3 car. Nice, but I still prefer my old RT1.

Central exhibition was of Ford rally cars


A Zephyr Six (not this one) once won the MonteCarlo Rally, driven by Maurice Gatsonides who invented the speed camera. My dad had a standard one when I was born.

Crossle trials car on the BTRDA stand. Honda (car) engine runs on LPG.

Joy Rainey and Trevor Hulks alongside their 1903 Oldsmobile which they plan to drive from San Fransisco to New York in 2009. More info on

Nicky Grist and Malcolm Wilson made a guest appearance on the stage and signed autographs

The ever youthful, irrepressible Barrie Williams signed books at Chaters.

Autojumble in the Royal Agricultural Society's cattle sheds.

Old motor bikes.

Ferrari 640 and 246SP "pedal" cars.

The unique, Alexis (or perhaps Palliser) based Project XR3 of former Mono racer Terry Ogilvie-Hardy in the autojumble. Redolent of a predatory bird?

Palliser F2 car, £30k+ price tag.


Embarrassing Moment 1

A small child ("SC") and his friend pointed to the air filter on Russ's car.  
SC: "Racing cars don't have those" 
Me: "Yes they do, it stops dirt going in the engine"
SC: "My dad's racing car hasn't got one"
Me:"I bet it has somewhere"
SC's Mum:"His dad works for Renault F1 and his friend's dad works for Force India"
Me to small child: "Sorry"

Embarrassing Moment 2

A man was looking at the ads.
Me:"Can I help you?"
Man: "I'm just looking at what they're worth - I've got an RF85 for hillclimbing."
Me: "A friend of mine had one of those - in fact he's written a really good book about racing cars, I recommend it highly."
Man: "I don't really need a book - I built the Honda wind tunnel so I already know quite a bit."
Me (thinks) "I'll get me coat."

Tony Cotton


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